Public Demo 2 (Patch 3)

Public Demo 2 (Patch 3) is now available. This patch contains bug fixes, tooltip options, dynamic sky, new items and many other improvements.

IMPORTANT: This patch may affect the existing save files. Starting a new game will fix all the conflicting files and updates the save system.

Here's the patch notes:

  • [ADDED] Tooltip options (Hover / Toggle) and adjustable hover delay time.
  • [ADDED] Trading requires now at least one Offer and one Request item.
  • [ADDED] When trading you can now also offer your active equipment items.
  • [ADDED] Leopard LPVO (Attachment).
  • [ADDED] Kobra sight (Attachment).
  • [ADDED] PTN AK Suppressor (Attachment).
  • [ADDED] Navy MP5/MP7 Suppressor (Attachment)
  • [ADDED] Juice boxes (Raspberry/Pear/Orange) (Consumable).
  • [ADDED] Crackers (Consumable).
  • [ADDED] Mustard (Consumable).
  • [ADDED] Retro Duffel (Equipment).
  • [ADDED] Nomad Backpack (Equipment).
  • [ADDED] Dynamic sky elements (Moving clouds & Sun effects).
  • [ADDED] Camera interpolation and solution that don't cause shaking issues with low-end hardware.
  • [ADDED] Physics damping which prevents items from falling through ground / floor.
  • [FIXED] Sky caused unnecessary VRAM usage.
  • [FIXED] MP7 casted unwanted shadows.
  • [FIXED] Certain consumables didn't show use stats in the tooltip.
  • [FIXED] Crouching and jumping while using Interface.
  • [FIXED] Unloading a weapon in the Inventory unequipped the current active weapon.
  • [FIXED] Trading items didn't always return back to their original slots from Request or Offer grids.
  • [FIXED] Reset to default Input Setting button caused noticable lag spike.
  • [FIXED] Camera zoom from primary optic didn't reset when ADS and swapping to secondary.
  • [FIXED] Foliage shader provided too much specular / gloss in shadowed areas.
  • [FIXED] Inaccurate reflections in certain lighting situations.
  • [FIXED] Multiple collision issues that avoid character stepping on top of low surfaces.
  • [FIXED] Battery item was missing an item type indicator in the tooltip.
  • [FIXED] RM870 had a wrong caliber indicator in the tooltip.
  • [FIXED] Night sky caused noticable color banding in certain conditions.

Public Demo 2 (Patch 3) is available for download on Steam.

If you have already Road to Vostok Demo downloaded in your Steam Library, you can force the patch download:
- Choose Road to Vostok Demo -> Right Mouse -> Properties
- Installed Files -> Verify integrity of demo files

You know that you have the right patch installed when the main menu has RTV/PD2/P3 text on the bottom right corner.

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