Who is the developer?

Hi! My name is Antti and I’m the developer and creator of Road to Vostok.

I’m a former army lieutenant, visual game design teacher and I have more than 12 years of experience in the game industry.

I currently live in Finland and have worked as a full-time developer for Road to Vostok since June 2022. I’m the only full-time developer on this project, but I also occasionally use contractors for certain aspects of the project.

What is the inspiration behind Road to Vostok?

The inspiration for this game mainly consists of the real border area between Finland and Russia and the background of the game developer where he lived for about 20 years near this specific border area.

In terms of other games, Road to Vostok takes inspiration from titles Stalker Anomaly, DayZ, Project Zomboid and Escape from Tarkov.

Will there be multiplayer or Co-op?

This project has been designed from the beginning as a replayable single-player game, because it gives the project certain freedoms that cannot be done in multiplayer projects.

Multiplayer games in this genre are extremely expensive to produce, maintain and have significant risks that are not reasonable for a single developer at this stage of production.

The implementation of Co-op would only happen after a successful and feature-rich single player version.

Will the game support modding?

Yes. The game already has many mechanics designed in a very "modding-friendly" way, and proper modding tools should certainly provide value to the game in the future.

Modding support and developing the necessary tools for it will most likely happen after the commercial version of the game.

Will there be a story for this game?

The goal is to create a sandbox that encourages player-oriented storytelling, so the game will not have a "win condition" defined by the developer in terms of the story.

The game will still have a lot of story elements and mysteries related to the game world and characters, and there will also be media production that will support these story elements.

What kind of content and features will the game have?

10 Area 05 maps

10 Vostok maps

10 Crossing points

10 Shelters

3 AI types + variants (Bandits, Guards, Military)

3 traders (Generalist, Gunsmith, Doctor)

6 special NPC’s (Driver, Fisherman, Grandma, Shaman, Scientist)

All possible realistic survival FPS mechanics that add value to the game

~300-500 items & ~30-50 weapons

What platforms will be supported?

Road to Vostok is designed as a PC game, but in the future supporting consoles (Playstation & Xbox) would also be logical steps for the production of this project.

In terms of operating systems, it is also possible to offer the game to Linux users quite easily, and this will certainly be supported in the future.

Will the game have controller support?

Yes, it will be developed before the main release of the game.

What are the system requirements?

The game is designed to be as performant as possible and to work even on low-end gaming hardware.

The developer tests that all builds work with at least the following specs:

Intel Core i5 (or something similar), GTX 1060 (or something similar), 4GB RAM

What is the monetization model?

As a game, Road to Vostok will be based entirely on a premium purchase model where the game is bought once and you can keep it forever without additional fees.

In the future, the goal is to create additional income sources around the game, such as media production, merch and everything that supports the game's brand value.

How much will the game cost?

Early access (Steam): 10-15€

Full release (Steam): 20-25€

In addition to this, there will be a supporter pricing version available, which will include the OST and custom concept art.

When is the game going to be released?

The early access version is still TBA.

The requirement for the first commercial version is that the game must offer an experience that creates replayability and brings something unique to the survival genre.

What happens after the game is released?

Road to Vostok is designed as a career-long commitment, where the goal is to create the world's best single-player survival game.

This goal requires continuous support of the project after the release, so the project will not be abandoned and the developer is committed to this product for the rest of his career.

How can I support the project?

You can support the project in multiple ways, most of them are simple and free.

The most effective method would be spreading the word about his project to a fellow survival game enthusiast or just by sharing Road to Vostok content.

Wishlisting the game on Steam also helps a lot in terms of visibility and it brings many benefits to the development.

If you want to support this project financially and get access behind the scenes, the project also has a really active Patreon, which is updated weekly with new content.

How can I give feedback?

You can provide feedback through the "Contact" section of this website or by directly emailing to the developer: antti@roadtovostok.com

The developer also tries to read and view all feedback from social media, so if you make a comment, post, video or stream about the game, you can point out the feedback using the tags @roadtovostok and #roadtovostok

Will the game offer localization options?

Probably not in the early-access phase, but yes in the actual release.

Are there plans to add more developers?

Currently, the scaling of the project's development team is mostly based on the use of contractors. Contractors are paid freelancers or companies that specialize in certain aspects of game development.

If you are interested in these contractor roles, you can check the open positions in the Jobs section of the website.

What engine is the game developed on?

The game is developed with an open source game engine called Godot.

The open source engine gives this project the safest and most customizable platform if you think of the project from the developer's point of view as a career-long commitment.