What is Road to Vostok?

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Loot, plan & prepare

Scavenge, storage and craft hundreds of unique items. Use in-game traders, get tasks, customize your weapons and prepare your character for the journey towards the east.

Find weapons, tools, consumables, medical items, military gear, electronics, apparel and much more.

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A dangerous journey

Travel to Border Zone, choose a crossing point and enter the high-risk, high-reward permadeath zone called Vostok. Grab what you can, try to return back or make a final stand.

If you die in Vostok, you will lose everything including your shelter items and safe files.

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New road, new story

Each playthrough is different with randomized game events, time of day, weather options, physically based loot and dynamic AI.

Create a new character, try different roads and experience Vostok with another playstyle.

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The playable game world is made from individual maps, which are unique areas and based on real-world locations with horizontal difficulty.

Map of the game world


Shelters are safe zones and places to store loot. Shelters are different in terms of size and customization.

Shelters are always available and most of them are also easy to find. Shelters are the only way to save your game.

Area 05

Area 05 is a relatively calm starting area where you start your journey, gather loot and prepare to cross the border.

In Area 05 you will find most of the game's shelters, traders and NPC's.

Border Zone

Border Zone is a game world divider and a physical border. Border Zone can be crossed by using crossing points which lead you to Vostok.

Each crossing point has a unique game mechanic and a certain level of risk associated with them.


Vostok is a dangerous and mysterious zone. The moment you cross the border by using a Crossing Point and enter Vostok, you are inside the permadeath zone.

If you die in Vostok, you will lose everything including your shelter items and safe files.


You are not alone in this world, there’s good guys, bad guys and something between.

Map of the game world


Bandits are hostile civilians roaming around Area 05. Bandits try to survive like you and often stay near abandoned houses.

Bandits can move in groups and use vans for long shifts or group raids within Area 05.


Guards are a semi-military security force whose mission is to defend the border zone and prevent access to the game's Vostok permadeath area.

Guards can use patrol helicopters and mines to protect the border.


Military is the defence forces of the Vostok permadeath zone, whose task is to destroy all persons who cross the border without permission.

Military faction can use grenades, RPG's and call in reinforcements with armored vehicles.

Traders & NPC's

Traders are in-game merchants through whom you can barter and get tasks. There are four traders in the game named: Generalist, Gunsmith, Doctor and Scientist.

Other important characters in the game are: Driver, Fisherman, Grandma and Shaman.

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