Public Demo 2 (Patch 2)

Public Demo 2 (Patch 2) is now available. This patch contains bug fixes, input modes, item actions, ammo unloading, ammo stacking and many other improvements.

Here's the patch notes:

  • [ADDED] Item actions (context menus) for interface items.
  • [ADDED] Direct placement mode from item actions.
  • [ADDED] Ammo unloading for all weapons.
  • [ADDED] Ammo stacking and max stack values (tooltip).
  • [ADDED] Ammo splitting and "Take" option based each ammo type default box size.
  • [ADDED] Radial progression wheel for item actions and use.
  • [ADDED] Interaction radius increase for small and medium sized pickup items.
  • [ADDED] Weapon condition is now always randomized for simulated loot.
  • [ADDED] AI corpse despawn time increased from 2min to 3min.
  • [ADDED] Depth of field options (UI / Scope / Aim / Inspect).
  • [ADDED] Separate Aim sensitivity option.
  • [ADDED] Custom nature spawner, less geometry clipping with grass and other nature elements.
  • [ADDED] More nature variation (foliage variants, stones) and increased foliage density.
  • [ADDED] Grass and foliage shadowcasting.
  • [ADDED] Placement keymap to Input Settings.
  • [ADDED] Swim mode keymap to Input Settings.
  • [ADDED] Run speed decreased by 10% and minor inertia changes.
  • [ADDED] New item: Gas ganister.
  • [ADDED] New item: Energy powder.
  • [ADDED] New item: Tackle box.
  • [ADDED] New item: Fabric (Tarp).
  • [ADDED] New item: Fabric (Felt).
  • [ADDED] New item: Fabric (Leather).
  • [FIXED] When looking through scopes, the rendered image lost some exposure and contrast.
  • [FIXED] Item physics could break when colliding from placement.
  • [FIXED] Item physics could break when dropping from container.
  • [FIXED] Camera interpolation caused issues on low-end hardware, feature removed.
  • [FIXED] AI ragdoll didn't detect Shipyard Silo colliders on the roof.
  • [FIXED] When placement mode was activated (simulated loot), the placement rotation was sometimes tilted.
  • [FIXED] When transitioning with NVG active, environment exposure was doubled for the next map.
  • [FIXED] NVG state didn't save while transitioning.
  • [FIXED] Flashlight state didn't save while transitioning.
  • [FIXED] Tooltip was pixelated with certain monitors.
  • [FIXED] Death inside the Tutorial map cleared inventory and equipment save files.
  • [FIXED] AI could walk on water (Village map) and get submerged.

Public Demo 2 (Patch 2) is available for download on Steam.

If you have already Road to Vostok Demo downloaded in your Steam Library, you can force the patch download:
- Choose Road to Vostok Demo -> Right Mouse -> Properties
- Installed Files -> Verify integrity of demo files

You know that you have the right patch installed when the main menu has RTV_PD2_P2 text on the bottom right corner.

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