Public Demo 2 (Patch 1)

Public Demo 2 (Patch 1) is now available. This patch contains several bug fixes, collisions tweaks, new items and improvements to the save system.

Here's the patch notes:

  • [ADDED] Salted peanuts & Honey peanuts (Consumables)
  • [ADDED] Salty licorice pastilles & Bear pastilles (Consumables)
  • [ADDED] Bolt-actions and shotguns are now automatically chambered if found through loot simulation and have existing ammo.
  • [ADDED] Interactions are now blocked during the item use. You can still use weapons, but the all other interaction is blocked until the item use is finished.
  • [ADDED] Patrol helicopter fly distance is now doubled. The helicopter turret is still inactive, helicopter is only for distraction at this point.
  • [ADDED] Patch version name is now visible at the main menu.
  • [FIXED] Using items from containers and closing them before the use was finished caused vitals to drop down to zero. This killed the character right away when transitioning or taking damage.
  • [FIXED] Using items form containers and opening another container before the use was finished destroyed the wrong item in the current container.
  • [FIXED] Bullet inserting animation got stuck with bolt-actions and shotguns if you pressed reload during the bullet inserting phase and the chamber was empty.
  • [FIXED] AI was able to fire right away player spawned and this fire audio was audible during the transition. The AI sensor have now "spawn delay" which deactivates the firing at the spawn moment.
  • [FIXED] If you died in the shelter, the current shelter items didn't save even if you dropped them or placed to container before the death event.
  • [FIXED] Interface produced multiple bugs if it was used during the transition. Interface is now deactivated when using transition points.
  • [FIXED] Vital UI values were rounded to 99 even though the actual stat value was 100. Stat values are now correctly rounded to full values (100).
  • [FIXED] Frame limits and VSYNC modes were not saved through the settings menu.
  • [FIXED] Rendering modes was not saved through the settings menu.
  • [FIXED] Shadow quality setting was not saved through the settings menu.
  • [FIXED] Tire prop collider could cause the player or the AI to get stuck.
  • [FIXED] Multiple collider issues and collision ramps that required unnecessary jumping.
  • [FIXED] Loot simulation could spawn ammo boxes with zero ammo. Ammo is now randomized.
  • [FIXED] Loot simulation only spawned weapon items with 0 existing ammo. Weapon ammo is now randomized.
  • [FIXED] Canned peaches item pickup had wrong textures.
  • [FIXED] AI muzzle flash could stay active even after AI death event.

Public Demo 2 (Patch 1) is available for download on Steam.

If you have already Road to Vostok Demo downloaded in your Steam Library, you can force the patch download:
- Choose Road to Vostok Demo -> Right Mouse -> Properties
- Installed Files -> Verify integrity of demo files

You know that you have the right patch installed when the main menu has RTV_PD2_ P1 text on the bottom right corner.

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