Public Demo 2

Welcome to Road to Vostok Public Demo 2.

This demo is the second major milestone of Road to Vostok, where the goal is to test the initial gameplay loop and get feedback on the core idea of ​​the game.

In practice, Public Demo 2 is a so-called Vertical slice, which contains the most important game mechanics and the opportunity to test the initial progression related to the game.

As for the actual game content, this demo includes:

  • 4 demo maps (Shipyard, Village, Highway, Radar)
  • 1 crossing point (Minefield)
  • 15 animated weapons
  • 100 items
  • Core FPS mechanics
  • AI system
  • Looting system
  • Shelter system
  • Trading system
  • Medical system
  • Permadeath elements
  • Demo settings
  • and much more

When you start the demo, I recommend first visiting a short tutorial map that explains all these key mechanics and how they actually work in-game.

Public Demo 2 tutorial

After this tutorial, you're ready to move on to the main game and you will start your journey in a shelter called the Attic. This Attic is basically your safe zone that saves all the items you collect and place there.

Public Demo 2 shelter (Attic)

After this you can play the game however you want, perhaps the most typical solution is to start by looting the easier Area 05 maps and improving your equipment before moving east towards the Border Zone and the permadeath area of ​​the game called Vostok.

Have fun testing!

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